"the 10,000hr rule is a definite key in success"

Malcolm Gladwell
  Outliers: The Story of Success
Perform LLC is a consulting firm with decades of highly effective and successful experience managing both large and small organizations in even the most challenging economies. Our mission is to help our clients create and put in motion, repeatable and predictable process for results. We partner with world class providers like the Brevet Group and our philosophy for engagement can be framed simply in the following three steps - customized to our client’s unique and specific environments:

• Codify success and identify high impact performance improvers
• Develop and deliver valuable changes through rigor
• Establish a cultural adoption plan to institutionalize the "new way"
Eric Wasser - Perform LLC President

Eric Wasser has over 25 years of experience in senior sales and sales leadership positions within several industries. Experienced in building and motivating sales organizations, driving change initiatives and implementing selling methodology, Eric is in-tune with the challenges and opportunities facing today's corporate leaders.

Since 2006 Eric has provided leadership support to his clients by helping them 'operationalize' sales and marketing functions, leading to world class performance. He has built a reputation for creative solutions that achieve results.

Recent and active client engagements include:
  • Developing a Go-to-Market strategy, forecast management system and client engagement framework for several clients
  • Developing a unique and branded selling system integrated into Sales Force Automation and developing sales leaders as performance coaches for a large media company
  • Co-Leading a sales transformation project for a Fortune 100 company that includes the re-design of their sales process and global implementation for over 1,500 sales professionals
  • Implementing two global strategic account programs for clients in the supply chain management and manufacturing industries
  • Teaming to Implement sales and account management strategies for a Big 4 global management consulting firm
  • Providing retained services as a Senior Leadership Team extension, responsible for senior sales leadership activities - managing RVP's, RM's and field sales